Maestro Casino Banking

Perhaps the best thing about Maestro as an alternative payment method is its universality, owing to the fact that it’s a division of MasterCard services. We would classify it as an ‘alternative’ method, but not really in the full sense of PayPal or Ukash, which shield your identity from the merchant.

Nevertheless, if some sort of safety and security, above and beyond a credit card, is what you are after, then Maestro will give you this: it is impossible to spend more than what is in the account linked to your card. Manage that account wisely and you cannot get yourself into any trouble buying things online or funding your mobile casino account(s).

Where to Play

As far as finding a mobile-optimized casino that accepts your funds through Maestro goes, you will have no trouble at all. First and foremost, casinos accept the standard cards like Visa, MasterCard and others. Since Maestro is connected with one of these ubiquitous and primary payment systems, you basically acquire that kind of purchasing power even though you are using an alternative to the main credit gateways.

This has other benefits, such as enjoying the clout and power of MasterCard at your back should there be a dispute over one of your casino deposits. You can expect some useful tie-ins with MasterCard, too.

If you’d like to stumble across a few good casinos where you can start using your Maestro account (perhaps signing-up at a new site and reaping some bonuses while you’re at it), then we recommend you check these out:

  • Verajohn Mobile
  • 7 Red Mobile Casino
  • Bet Victor Mobile
  • Grosvenor Mobile Casino
  • Casino Euro
  • Gala Mobile Casino
  • Betfred Mobile
  • Loaded Mobile Casino
  • mFortune Casino

That should get you started! These are all casinos that we at have vetted for you, each with its own strengths and charms.

Why Bother?

Now, all in all, the question remains why you might want to go through the application process for a Maestro card, receive it in the mail, activate it, get your banking account linked with it, deposit funds into it (which will take two days each time), and so on.

Limit Spending

Basically the only benefit you’re looking at with Maestro is being able to delimit your spending because it’s MasterCard’s debit option (not credit), connected to your checking account, for instance. The company’s site has more information. Here’s the way you can maximize this benefit: only keep the cash in your linked banking account that you can afford to spend on mobile casino, or, that you won’t be too upset having stolen.

This can form a nice part of any measures you might wish to take to ensure you continue to gamble responsibly. Not that anybody is suggesting you’re not!

The bottom line is that the Maestro will not keep you absolutely anonymous when using it to deposit at your favourite online casino. If you trust that casino after a long relationship, then, great. Security may not be the most important thing to you — maybe your banking limits are the most important thing to you. If so, Maestro is perfect. You get a global debit card, backed by the power and stature of MasterCard, with plenty of side incentives to boot.

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