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We think that is on to something big with its theme of sanity versus insane — even in jest, of  course. We’re obsessed with mobile entertainment slots so it’s a natural attraction for us to the name of this one.

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Do you ever feel so satisfied by your smartphone that it’s like a madness or something? They are fun! Today’s mobile devices are as powerful as the best laptops a couple years ago, yet so small to fit in the palm of one’s hand.

Mad About Slots knows how you feel. That maddeningly good fun we’re having playing mobile slots and casino games is just getting better and better.


First of all, the welcome bonus is air tight, in an online casino world flooded by introductory bonuses that have been dwindling.

  • £5 welcome gift, no deposit required
  • 100% cash match up to £100 with first deposit
  • Another 100% cash match up to £50 with second deposit
  • And, a third 100% cash match up to £25
  • Cash-back, win or lose, up to £100
  • £20 for friend referrals
  • VIP promotions upon application

It’s a well-rounded package, obviously intended to keep people slot crazy at MadAboutSlots! And what about those actual reels, you ask …

Games Galore

We all have to go mad about the spinning games to be found at this mobile casino, folks. These are Playtech slots that are classics, Super Fruity, or old favourites like Phaoraoh’s Fortune, or new thrillers like The Slot for the younger crowd who like horror movies. The point is that the site caters to every kind of slot-enthusiast.

We also really appreciate how is organized to keep things clear for the mobile players. This is Britain’s newest slots-p0werhouse, so they’re set up to serve the games to any kind of device:

  • Android phone
  • Android tablet
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iP0d Touch
  • older phones supported, too

Progressive Jackpots on Mobile!

Another very important aspect of Mad About Slots is its progressive reels, which you might not spot without a little prompting. After all, the progressive wins are the best, the biggest and the most dramatic. Within a few weeks of opening its online doors, the site gave away over £600 million; the top jackpots have grown to over 3 million pounds, folks.

Here is a quick and essential round up of the progressive slots:

  • Loopy Lotto (reached £3.5M)
  • The Only Way Is Slots (two jackpots, REEM and OMG)
  • Knight’s Quest (£30K max)
  • Sweet Treats (£5K max)

If you click More Info on any of the games listed, progressives or not, then you find a nice big page all about the game, including vital facts such as the return-to-player rate (in the 90% range for all these), and of course screenshots of the slot.

So you can take a good look at each game, and Mad About Slots as a whole, before you deposit. There’s also the free £5 to use without a deposit, a kind of play before you buy option. The site is set up for a hassle-free and safe trial, but of course they’re betting on the fact that you are crazy about slots and that anyone who is slot mad will stick at this online casino.

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