Lottery Casino.Net

Right off the bat, we have to be utterly clear: is not the same or even affiliated with the UK Lottery Mobile Casino at!

It was not the best choice of names, if you ask us — if, that is, the aim is to carve out a unique brand and casino attraction for people to find without confusion … (Hm.)

Not the Best Name, but Otherwise …

That said, moving on to looking at the actual thing, we can look past the naming faux pas at a rather solid site (not necessarily in our top three, mind you), and it’s something you could trust, actually. It may suit your needs and tastes just fine, and you will have a good time.

While the real Lottery Casino uses Microgaming software (probably the biggest game studio at the moment), this wanna-be is on the Probability platform. No need to worry, because you’ll get the same quality as these other superb casinos:

What Strengths There Are

While it does not have quite the name-recognition as these, LotteryCasino excels with one of the most legible, clear, BIG and clean-looking webpages we have come across, in all fairness. If your eyes hunt for the ‘app download’ notice when you visit a casino, for instance, then you will be very happy to find your mark in huge purple capitals at the top right at Lottery.

Let’s just hit on the perks at LotteryCasino right away. The sign-up bonuses, in the form of first-deposit cash match, are diffused over your initial four deposits. The site makes it possible to claim up to about £180 in matching credit to play, all told. That is very decent, as bonus money goes.

The Games That Rock You

We’ve not had to dwell upon the issue of whether the games at Lottery are worthwhile, because they are, which is guaranteed by top quality Probability casino-gaming software and back-end systems. It’s all UK-bred and very advanced. Graphics and security are state-of-the-art. These game apps are optimized for whatever kind of phone or tablet you may use.

Games like The Slot (a horror theme) or first-in-class mobile Blackjack are sure to impress you. The Probability-built Roulette app is a real treat, with its stylish layout and graphics to match the classic.

In the Final Reckoning

All of these details point to a trustworthy and fair online casino. We especially like the stress in their bylines upon ‘life-changing’ wins and prizes, which seems to indicate a sensitivity to players. It was smart for LotteryCasino to place a sample video of their games in motion upon the homepage, too.

Anything to help new players know the site is legit is a good idea, especially now that so many new casinos and live dealer casinos are proliferating. LotteryCasino has done everything right, except choose a unique name.

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