Loaded Mobile Casino

Loaded Magazine, a leading (if not the) lad’s mag in the UK has a new online casino that is in online beta (final testing). If this is the one you’ve been waiting for with some suspense, then we’re happy to report that your curiosity will soon be satisfied when it launches at this URL: www.loadedcasino.com (.co.uk)

Shortly after the big event, a mobile casino version of Loaded will also go live for you. You’ll never miss a beat, a pic, or a bet. You will be able to peruse loaded.co.uk, say, on your tablet during the evening commute, before placing a few bets, or playing a few hands to boot! Not bad for one little screen in your pocket or your bag.

A Strong Opening Hand

This casino is hitting the Web running on swift legs,using AliQuantum and Plus Five Gaming as its platform, one of the best in the world, and it’s being used in 20 countries. The starting welcome bonus offered to you by Loaded is conservative, but adequate: 100% up to £100 on the first deposit, 50% up to £50 on the second. And, you get 16 free bingo games daily (10:00a-1:00a).

Another nice thing about Loaded Mobile Casino, owing to its solid gaming system on the back-end, is that it has a Malta License. This means it’s one of the safest places to deposit your fun money. Malta requires casino websites to safeguard their members’ data and personal information on top of the standard checks.

TIP: Even at the safest sites, it’s always best to shield your online identity by using alternative payment methods like Neteller, PayPal or Ukash.

App/Phone Compatibility

The apps you will download for free from Loaded (that name has nice irony, of course, for a casino) are compatible with all phone setups, including Android, iPhone and J2ME (that’s ‘Java’ programming for PDAs, Nokia’s lower priced ranges and other popular off-brands).

We would not be surprised if most casinos, including Loaded, also supply free downloads for the new Windows Phone 8 or WP8, following suit behind Nokia, HTC and Windows’ own mobile devices hitting the market. Big game studios like Plus Five, Microgaming and Playtech cannot ignore the powerful new force of this familiar name.

Learn more about safe and secure gaming here.

Non-‘Loaded’ Games

Well, we hope the games are straight, at least! But seriously, folks … These very legitimate games are just wicked, to tell the truth. You’ll have:

  • Skill games
  • Sports Book
  • Poker, of course
  • Over 30 table and card games
  • Live Roulette
  • Mobile Slots
  • Bingo

AliQuantum is premium gaming software, loaded with exclusive details such as its Poker’s full screen viewing feature. Graphics are slick, you can be sure. The library of titles is vast, so there will never be a plateau effect, or game burnout.

Another cool thing about Plus Five is that your logins are very fast, since the system is designed to operate in real-time, including up-to-date reporting of your gaming history and your transactions on record.

Now, it may go without saying that Loaded Mobile Casino probably will continue the magazine’s minimal, clean black-and-white look, spiced with some pretty racy images of the ‘girls’ and deadly shots of sporting events. We wouldn’t be surprised if the live card games are spicy, too, when those come online.

Who knows, a ‘sexy Poker’-like format may even be in store from Loaded — it’s more likely than not, and surely it would not disappoint new Loaded players.

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