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Consider for an instant the following developments:

  • Powerful tablets and smart phones
  • 3G and 4G networks available now
  • Home TV integration with Android
  • Live casino apps optimized for touch screens

We’ve seen it coming: tablets and online video are combining to deliver the exciting new experience of being able to play social Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and even Bingo in the palm of your hand with live dealers.

A Natural Fit

Touching the screen of your tablet has turned out to be the most comfortable game controller yet. Android’s latest operating system even allows you to cable  your device into a home flat screen, and connect popular console controllers like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo to your device, if you like.

There’s a natural connection between the touch screen on your tablet and online card games. In countries like the UK where gambling is allowed, the added thrill of betting cash and winning nice amounts is especially irresistible.

The Next Revolution

The really progressive and futuristic thing, of course, is live dealers on your tablet or smart phone screen, in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. The speeds of the new 4G services — which are going online earlier than many thought — can deliver the bandwidth necessary for live video streaming, plus the security required for real-cash handling.

In general, the concept of online live dealers has been catching on. Brands such as GoWild, Plaza Win and Mansion have been forging an early lead with their live games available online 24 hours a day and night. The next and current advance for mobile-casino gaming is the jump to full-blown live dealing on games people play on mobiles and tablets. In fact, these newest apps are optimized for the winning tablet formats.

There are over-achievers out there such as and that are already offering special live dealer mobile casino apps just for their tablet players. Up until now, on Android and Apple iOS, one system handled various sizes of devices. Android, for instance, can detect the dimensions of its host device’s screen and adjust its format perfectly, try playing casino games on your HTC for instance!

Games Get Smarter

Yet making apps for the tablet instead of relying on automatic resizing is a more customized approach able to capitalize on more screen real estate, if you will, as well as more CPU power in many cases. Although the one-app-for-all was convenient, a higher-end build for tablet was inevitable given the explosive growth of this entertainment.

As a case in point, the prominent game maker HoGaming has just released a robust live-dealer app for tablets, while a version for smartphones is due any day now from the firm. Things are heating up.

HoGaming and a handful of other game studios expect to cash in, themselves, over the next few years, by helping players like us cash out big-time while playing next-generation live mobile casino games.