The LG Optimus Casino Experience Tells the Future of Mobile Gaming

Since you love playing mobile casino games it is quite reasonable that you would make sure your next phone performs sharply for gaming. This means that you, together with many others, are a new kind of consumer: the device-oriented buyer. And now in this connection we are seeing online casinos cater directly to owners of particular phones, such as the powerful LG Optimus line.

You notice this trend when people talk about LG Casino — this being a short-hand based upon the intersection in popularity of LG mobiles and games like mobile slots and mobile bingo too. In other words, casino for LG is rooted in a phone built for the Android casino games system and also made compatible with LG’s unique capabilities.

The Phones

Of course, all this amounts to is the fact that mobile casino apps run better when the phone has a strong processor, a crisp bright screen, dedicated graphics memory and good sound. LG’s Optimus possesses those features, and at a relatively low price. For that, any web-based casino can plainly see that the players using the phone amount to very large group of customers.

You can receive special sign-up bonuses when you happily try a new game site that focuses directly upon LG users. You may get a pumped-up first deposit bonus, or more free credits to play, or inclusion in a major jackpot. But in the end, you’ll get an ongoing gaming experience finely tuned to your device (which is what only iPhone users had enjoyed, until the recent Android revolution).

LG (from the phone’s point of view, so to speak) is likewise friendly toward mobile-casino players, because the company keeps them in mind during the development and launch of new phones. For example, the recent Optimus 3D model came pre-installed with special casino for LG games. So the massive following behind this particular phone — since each mobile device tends to gather a following with a personality – is decidedly eager to play games of chance and skill in a portable format.

The Casinos

As soon as most top casino sites begin customizing their apps for leading devices like LG, and this happens for a few other best-in-class smartphones, we will be witnessing a new era in mobile gaming from the hardware to the programming. As yet, the gadgets themselves have a lead over the programmers; while the industry matures and this relationship tends to reverse we will have a sort of golden age for exciting content like LG-Casino games.

For gamers, everything we just looked at points to a bit of emerging consumer wisdom: if you want to play the best apps then buy a device that’s not only a powerful performer, but also powered by a brand like LG that has become a darling of the casinos and programmers. LG Casino is among a few that has reached that status.

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