Ladies Nite Slot

Even if you are not a techie person, the important thing to realize about Microgaming’s new game is that it uses the latest web standard, HTML5. That makes it accessible by virtually any device or machine (over 3,000!) — in other words, you can forget your woes with downloading plug-ins or special players.

Ladies Nite just plain works, right in your Web browser.

Slots like Ladies Nite

It’s look is quite similar to Spring Break and other of Microgaming’s past slots, but the magic is in its fast performance across the widest-yet range of platforms by any mobile-casino app to date. This means Microgaming has maintained its leader status in the world of gaming software.

Ladies Nite is a colourful five-reel machine. It has nine paylines and a deliciously fruit-coloured game screen. The theme, as you imagine, is certainly tailored for female spinners. A night out on the town with the girls, is the general idea. There are things like lipsticks as reel symbols.

There is no progressive jackpot on this one. You can bet up to one pound, and the maximum jackpot is 10,000 coins.

TIP: Think positive thoughts about landing the giant disco ball on your active winning payline, because it will stand-in as the wild, as well as double your payout!

The reel symbols are huge letters and numbers, easy to read quickly. Again we refer to the colour palette of Ladies Nite because of how appealing its strawberry-reds and grape-purples are, in smooth fades. The whole screen is bright and happy, like the buzz off a fruity cocktail.

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Not as shiny as it could be…

We think the interface, the ‘face’ of the game, could use a little polish when it comes to things like buttons (Microgaming seems to have gone for an old-school clunky depressions and pills rather than the current standard shiny-jelly-bean style). But everything is where it should be, with vital controls along the bottom edge.

The way the reels spin is also enchanting. Smooth swishes to a brisk halt. Again, since the colours everywhere are so appealing, the blur and movement of this slot is (perhaps calculated) all the more nice to look at, spin after spin.

Here is a round up of the symbols and features to look out for while spinning:

  • Disco Ball: wild and double-multiplier
  • Waiter: scatter symbol (15 free spins for 3)
  • When you win, you can play the card-guessing game to quadruple it

You’ll learn to love the kitchy disco’ish jingles when you hit wins in this marvelous online casino game. Kudos to Microgaming on this fine new game, a charismatic theme, all fully accessible, no problem, on any screen. Amazing. The post-Flash world of online gaming has arrived (Apple users can cheer!).

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