Knight Quest

There are many reasons that top online casinos all over the globe choose games like Knight Quest from a British studio called Probability PLC. Perhaps the main ones include the fact that Probability considers mobile gaming the primary platform, rather than it being an add-on or option.

Probability makes mobile games that work on any phone or mobile device, absolutely anything.

Probably the Best Game Studio

Another reason for Probability’s success is that the company’s own casino suite and supporting network has been granted operating licenses by the world’s top regulated markets. It is also ready to supply gaming solutions within the emerging US marketplace for online and mobile casino entertainment.

You will recognize huge mobile-casino operators like Moobile and LadyLucks, which have used Probability titles like Knight Quest to build their brands.

Now, On to the Game

Knight Quest itself, despite its familiar (if not over-used) King Arthur theme, is a stunning example of the polish and performance for which Probability’s slots are known. Forget what it is for a moment (the whole knights in armour affair) in order to enjoy just how good this slot’s graphics and effects are.

It’s a 5-reel, 30-payline model that boasts an extraordinary unlimited progressive jackpot. According to the theme, you play in order to protect the Maiden within an evil Dragon’s creepy lair. Another motif that you’ll find reflected in the bonus rounds involves (re)building one’s own castle.

Here’s a rundown of the key reel symbols to keep your eyes on:

  • Knight’s Helmet — Wild
  • Fire-breathing Dragon — Scatter symbol
  • Maiden — the Jackpot symbol

Other symbols whose artwork form the charm of this game include the Cross of St. George, a Goblet, a Coat of Arms, Castle, Tower  and of course the feared Broadsword.

The Knight’s Booty

As far as betting goes, you can wager as little as .01p and as much as £1.00. With the maximum bet, you can win 3000 times your money.

We really like the unusually spacious layout of the slot machine — none of the wacky cartoon clutter or bulky boxes of traditional slots. Knight Quest gives you a clean game screen. Up top, there’s a simple Jackpot metre and navigation menu. The main part of the screen holds background scenes, such as a castle atop a hill. The five reels are separated by simple lines and spin in the air, seemingly. This design gives the slot a refreshing airiness that you will notice immediately.

Many online casinos and mobile-casino operators like LadyLucks, Moobile and WildJack are offering tidy little bonuses upon sign-up, anything from £2 to £10 or more. Best of all, when you’re playing a Probability title like Knight Quest, there’s a certain degree of confidence built in because only reputable casinos generally choose such high-quality games.

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