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Barcrest may be big but you won’t find apps like Tombraider in amongst their slots selection. This video slots software provider has been mobile for a while but so far we’ve not been following these fruities too closely. Clearly the people at Kerching like them though.

Regardless of the controversies that online slots, poker and casinos in general cause in countries without an organized approach to gambling on the Web, the UK’s gambling culture remains quite stable. Perhaps that is because Britain’s enthusiasm to play is more linked with land-based games than elsewhere.

British Players Are Avid

The spreading demand for mobile gaming doesn’t seem to scare Brits, since it is such a natural extension of their pub amusements and bingo halls. Who knows: maybe the perceived social dangers around enjoying wagers are less problematic among the British for some reason, whether it’s lightweight bingo bets or going for broke on sports-betting.

In truth, the country is increasingly seen as a source and creator of online-casino entertainment exported to many parts of Europe. with Barcrest Games

All of this leads us directly to the example of the golden partnership between Kerching Mobile (go to with your phone) and top game-maker Barcrest, a division of a company called Scientific Games.

Here is what Kerching believes: ‘… the games should not be seen as a mere replacement for a casino vacation or the online counterpart. But rather mobile slots should take their own stand in the gaming world as a unique experience for on the go players…’

There is pretty much a seamless flow between Barcrest’s physical game consoles sold to pubs and bingo halls (where its Rainbow Riches slot, reviewed by, got famous) and adaptations for Kerching’s online players, and now its mobile-online players.

As we see many companies transition to catering to mobile-Web business, this market appears capable of dwarfing other casino situations. That’s when issues of losing local options and choices get raised — if things ironically ‘go live’ online — especially by folks who still enjoy visiting their pub’s Barcrest slot machine in addition to playing Rainbow Riches or Wipeout or Ca$ino on the mobile during the commute home.

Kerching offers free apps to download for any mobile-device setup you may have.

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPod/iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Older ‘feature’ phones

Some of us have more than one gadget nowadays, so this site has you covered. And that is a nice feeling, because it would be a drag to have to adjust to different games just because you switched from your smartphone to your tablet, or from your old phone to your new one, right?

The slots games are lively. Most have progressive jackpots, and there are various numbers of reels. Barcrest builds in plenty of side games and bonus rounds, which is fun and varies the play. In the Kerching mobile portfolio there are also cards, table games and name-brand slot titles like MONOPOLY Multiplier that you’ll want to check out.

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