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Keno, a game with ancient roots — believed to be from China — has landed in the palm of your hand, as a smartphone-compatible online game. It’s amazing to think that a game (the name ‘Keno’ is what Texans called something brought by Chinese railroad workers).

The game is simple. The house rules can be complicated — in our case, mobile casinos’ pay tables are not standardized.

TIP: Read the ‘posted payout schedule’ or some such when you spot an online Keno game that you like — find out which catches pay out, at what odds.

Know the Odds

Unless you know the payout odds — a good casino will make this transparent for all to see — you can’t have a solid strategy when it comes to betting. With the differing payouts for catches of 1-20 numbers, it pays to know how many numbers to bet on, literally.

The ‘return to player’ values for most mobile Keno games you will find should be in line with a house edge of up to 5%. Some house edge factors can be as high as 30%, so you should be careful when selecting games to play for real cash. The probabilities of the first seven or so catches are actually quite attainable, although it’s about as hard to hit 15 as 20 out of 20. A perfect 20 has never been known to happen, by the way – so you should never feel too bad!

The Best Keno Sites

Now then! Let’s go over some actual casinos offering reliable, fair, exciting Keno apps for your smart phone or tablet. As usual for most casino games, you can play them either by downloading the free app or in-browser (Apple users will most likely need to use the native app, because Flash is still a common in-browser format that Apple does not tolerate).

Here are the top three trustworthy sources for Keno apps that you can play right away:

  1. GoWild — fairly new but top rated
  2. WildJack — dedicated mobile casino site
  3. AllSlots — slot powerhouse on the Web

All three have great mobile-friendly Keno games but none offer Cats. Why might that be?

Instead of thin paper sheets and graphite pencils, with perhaps video screens showing you the numbers called, now of course the screen of your phone or tablet does it all. Take, for instance, the interface available at WildJack’s.


The WildJack Casino Keno game screen is outfit in a metallic finish, fun-looking bubble on the right, with a nice big ball chart, and, importantly a payout table posted to the left. That’s very important. All the best apps will have this detail – look for that, and it behooves you to study it.

Well, real money Keno for mobile is much more fun than a mere lottery or even a table game in some cases because of the strategy of marking a spot and betting on it upon your virtual card, up to twenty times. When the electronic balls reach the bubble, the excitement is the same or greater than regular Keno.

You will almost always be able to use a practice feature on a good app, however, it’s when you dive into real play Keno that the fun really begins!

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