Jacks or Better for Mobile

Ever wonder why the popular online and mobile Poker game is called ‘Jacks or Better’? It’s basically because the payoffs begin whenever you gather a pair of Jacks, and then get better from there up through all the known winning hands. This simplified version of game is also basically called ‘draw poker’, too.

It’s this much beloved ‘video poker’ game that we recognize from land-based casinos that is now available, of course, close at hand anywhere we go when using mobile devices of various shapes and sizes.

Even though Jacks or Better is already a simple variant on Poker, there are even more low-stakes variations. One type is a ‘9/5 Jacks or Better’ game, and so on, all of which offer a trade-off between lower risk and lower overall payout for the Royal Flush or Full House hands.

Call a Jack a Jack

Now then, knowing the basics about so-called Jacks-or-Better, you might now wonder why — in case you have noticed! — the game moonlights by other names at various casinos. At the mighty mFortune (one of the rarer dedicated mobile casinos), you find it going by ‘HiLo Poker’. At Ladylucks, one of the UK’s most famous brands, you would look for simply ‘video Poker’, harkening to days of old, perhaps.

On the mainstream online casino market, we might say, the biggest game studios, Microgaming and Playtech (which are the ones with the most saturation) both refer to this addictively light Poker experience as just Jacks or Better.

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We might as well take a closer look at two casinos, one allied with each of the above game studios, for a preview of what we find if playing Jacks or Better while on-the-go is desired.

Microgaming at Wild Jack Mobile Casino

The design by Microgaming for this old standard is very akin to a casino-based unit, mimicking the big plastic ‘draw’ button and the slots where your coins bet rest (up to five coins). If you wager the full bet then you are in line to win 4,000 coins for the Royal Flush hand. Wow. This is a very no nonsense interpretation of Jacks or Better, visually.

Playtech Jacks or Better at Casino.com

To play Jacks or Better at Casino.com, simply click the ‘Mobile’ button at the top/right. Then select the game along the left-hand side about two-thirds down. This online purveyor of card games does a splendid job of displaying Playtech’s attractive design.

It’s nice to find an exceptional treatment of a common game. Playtech’s classicist approach, with formal lettering, woody and blue colours and traditional card iconography (King, Queen, Spades, etc) looks wonderfully easy to look at upon a smart phone screen. The majority of what you see, actually, is the pay table; at the bottom you see your five cards spread out, with the option of holding certain cards to form your final hand.

Basically, Jacks or Better is a game for you if what you want is to win more often, albeit in smaller windfalls! There’s a particularly good fit between it and the mobile format, in which our attention span is narrower and in which a simplified card game works well.

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