iPod Touch Casino

Do you have an iPod Touch to enjoy music, photos and videos? Wondering whether it can function as an iPod Touch Casino too?

Let’s cut to the chase: Yes, most certainly, it can! So go right ahead and select any of our recommended mobile casinos to download an app or play online.

In fact, currently Apple would have you believe that its top-of-the-line iPod (the ‘Touch’ model) was made for gaming as much as holding all your music and image content. Its website informs us that this ingenious gadget is already the ‘world’s most popular portable game player’.

Top mobile casino sites like WildJack, Virgin Mobile and All Slots support the iOS software at the heart of iPhone and iPod alike. The magic that makes casinos on mobile devices come alive is really this operating system. That’s why the same apps and online games are fully compatible with your iPod.

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Maybe you’re a die-hard Apple fan and you have both its phone and a pod. In many respects, actually, an iPod Touch Casino is superior to playing on your mobile phone. Why? It’s simple. The iPod is purely intended for fun! It’s not bogged down by an on-board cell phone.

That may sound ridiculous, but here are some reasons that this detail makes sense for gamers like us:

  • The iPod is less expensive than the iPhone, so you’ll have more cash on hand to deposit and play mobile slots, cards, or whatever you fancy.
  • An iPod’s computing power goes solely to its fun-making uses, rather than getting drained by the cell phone’s need to chase a signal. An iPod Touch Casino actually ‘has more game’, as they say.
  • Since an iPod uses WiFi instead of mobile networks for getting online, your connections are more stable and often faster.
  • And obviously, if there’s no phone ringing, you won’t be distracted from winning that big jackpot or chatting with other players.

Now what about the casino games themselves? Are they any less sophisticated for the iPod? Nope. Although iPod Touch has come to look surprising like the iPhone, actually it is a bit less cumbersome and lighter — that means that your hands can manage it better when playing. For games that make use of its internal gyroscope (such that just shaking the thing is part of the act) this aspect makes a big difference in practice.

Is there as much of a selection in apps for iPods? Yep. It’s the same as for iPhone, so we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of games on demand. Some of them even allow players to go head-to-head, which is great for mobile poker and other online card games. Although there’s no phone to bother you, an iPod Touch Casino has ‘FaceTime’ and a forward camera that allow you to communicate with your online bingo buddies or fellow casino-goers.

So tap one of our trusted links to live it up now! Because your iPod is in so many respects the ultimate portable gaming machine ever invented.

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