Android and HTC Casino Has Emerged as a Strong Rival to iPhone

If you were to search around the web for the terms HTC and casino, you soon start to see what’s happening. Because HTC devices are so successful, mobile casino sites court new players who use HTC phones through designing apps specifically for them.

The casino on HTC phenomenon is a twist on apps becoming available for smartphones and tablets, usually with versions for both Apple iOS and Android.

Why does HTC-Casino get this kind of attention? Well, this is a great example of innovation in the open source Android hemisphere of mobile gadgets. Since HTC is among so many companies producing unique designs, the user can find a phone that fits perfectly — instead of the one-shape-fits-all approach of the iPhone and iOS.

It just so happens that HTC makes compelling mobile gear, so slick that Google chose it to makes its Nexus smartphone. The HTC Mozart and HTC Desire have earned a reputation for hot performance. And the company’s newest One X line is ergonomic, with a focus upon quality screen, graphics and sound.

And what do you know! Those are the qualities virtually every mobile casinos player wants in a phone.

So it’s no wonder that ‘HTC’ is growing itself a brand name much like the mighty ‘iPhone’, which so often also gets used to then identify sub-products like casino apps for smartphones. Hence, we now have the phrase HTC functioning in this memorable way with Android, for non-Apple players. In other words HTC is a superstar.

Take a look at HTC specs and you find muscular processors and large portions of RAM memory, which makes a computer snappy. You also find the fully bevy of sensors, like gyroscope and compass, which are increasingly used by game creators.

HTC Casino apps, like in iPhone culture, are designed for a particular make of smart phone, although taking advantage of the more open Android system. That means you get the best of both worlds: a machine that isn’t restricted by its operating system, and, trick designer software.

Anyway, a casino on HTC is thrilling, and surprisingly so. The newest HTCs boast Beats Audio sound enhancements. This makes the sound effects or perhaps live video content that go into playing mobile poker or mobile slots that much more captivating.

So, do you, or will you, own an HTC phone on which to play your favourite mobile game? You’re in luck – but you probably planned this bit of luck! – because HTC Casino has become so popular that its users now enjoy special attention from online casinos today. It all goes back to the quality of the phones — the same thing that can be said of the iPhone, which will always be a pretty high benchmark