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Google Glass is still in ‘beta’ stage, which includes distribution of the product to test-users who applied to receive one or were invited by Google. Not surprisingly, many of those people are software developers and creative, who are now using and experimenting with one wild new technology.

Sign of the Times

Everyone might agree that this sort of thing (that is, eyewear that is a smartphone and a camera, for instance, and other ‘wearable’ computers) is the inevitable development of a global society.

Google just beat everyone else to the punch (or, has the resources to pour into Google Glass without needing to make a profit immediately). Two things related to Glass have already garnered plenty of news attention:

  1. Casinos are wary of allowing players to wear Glass or use other mobile devices.

  1. Google Glass has amazing possibilities for gaming with body language.

The truth is, although Glass is futuristic by being headgear that is easy to wear, it is nevertheless essentially a smart mobile device with a lot of camera and video features. Mobile computers of any size or shape are already banned in Nevada casinos by law. So it’s no real news that Glass has been banned there.

If you strapped your smartphone to your forehead and walked into a Vegas casino, you also would be shown the door. It’s the same difference. See the primary differences of mobile casinos here

Google Glass Gaming

As we mentioned above, the upshot of Glass, which is not intended solely as a gaming device, is that many gaming possibilities are opened up. You have to understand that Glass introduces hands-free computing, and even eyes-activated and voice-activated computing.

If you don’t have to touch a screen or a joystick to play a casino game, you may just get hooked on a Glass gaming console for your head! However, we do see a serious concern arising from Glass-gaming situations, since the device is meant as a real mobile tool more than anything.

Since that is so, and given Glass’s small, unusual screen perched above your eye, you may want to limit your gaming on this to moments when you’re standing still waiting in cue, or something, rather than multi-task. Play with No Deposit, click here

That piece of caution owes to how empowering using Glass must feel (to the 1000 test users right now), when you can use software, apps, cameras and voice recorders without touching anything. Tilt you head. Say a command. Various movements, including your eyelids, will make things happen to Google Glass.

Glass Hunt

A wonderful game in development by two guys in San Francisco (who received Glass trials) is called Glass Hunt. It allows you to move your neck and gaze to play what is a handsome country shooting game. This game, too, is in its beta testing phase.

These trends and Glass itself are almost too futuristic to take seriously. But we think you should take it very seriously. In fact, we think you’ll be seeing Google Glass stores soon and that this sort of technology will eventually feel as natural and familiar as our smartphones and tablets do today.

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