Gold Rally by Playtech Is Hitting the Mother Lode

The Gold Rally mobile slot machine app, which is made by Playtech and designed for Blackberry handsets, has a gold-rush theme. As one of the best online slots ever it stands out like a chunk of gold found in a miner’s pan.

Playtech GoldRally is a 3-reel, 8-payline slot. The Playtech lineage has the honour of having made the biggest progressive jackpot winner in history at one point.

The graphics and effects built into Gold Rally deserve some attention and praise. Not only are the slot parts well made, this game has an outer frame that simulates a physical slot machine, complete with a recessed panel for the coin slot. As you spin, the swoosh is rapid but rickety, like a miner’s ore car. The symbols are drawn with exceptional skill, representing a variety of mining tools like pick-axe, and so on.

The Gold Rally game screen has very clearly marked pay lines, including the two diagonals. For the number of reels and its size, which are designed for Blackberry LCD displays, this slot has the perfect amount of details to be one of the great mobile slot apps.

Given the high-end Blackberry user base, you will find the Playtech GoldRally app only at the most reputable of the new mobile casinos or established sites. Any no deposit mobile casino we recommend on this site is reputable, if not legendary.

Such trustworthy sites will always also offer mobile poker and mobile blackjack as well as connoisseur games like roulette — to keep your overall mobile casino experience fresh and exciting. 

The Game

Continuing its outer frame that looks like a slot machine, the bottom has a rim with buttons, modelled in 3D. The following buttons provide nice game control.

  • Paytable
  • Bet one
  • Bet max
  • Spin

A clear red digital ticker display delivers useful information as you play. The Paytable screens are easy to scan and read, and again, beautifully designed. This attention to detail — in this case the rustic look-and-feel of dusty parchment and mining equipment – makes an app all the easier to play while riding the tube or waiting a cue, for instance.

There is a very fun bonus round involving an old map and a digging site, where you pick up free spins and prizes. The two scatter symbols, dynamite and the scales, can show up anywhere on the reels to win.

If you get 3 Gold Rally logo symbols, well, you’re facing a 500x payout.

TIP: The spin to be alert for is to get the dynamite symbol in all four corners of the reel area — you will see why!

If you think big, spin max and are generally a high roller, then, you’ll be going for nothing less than 9 scales symbols, because that’s the jackpot. And, the Playtech games networks boasts massive payouts, folks! Look for GoldRally at the best new mobile casinos for 2012!!

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