Gaming Club Casino for Mobile

Okay, first of all, how many times have we seen a ‘first online casino’-type advertisement? proudly claims to be ‘1st Online Casino, Est. 1994’, and that year does jive with online casino-gaming history.

Whether GC was the actual first doesn’t matter too much as long as they were indeed operating over a decade ago. That is solid experience.

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There is a pretty good sign up bonus at the Gaming Club Casino for mobiles (up to £100 in cash match plus 30 free spins). We must admit, however, that when it comes to on-going member bonuses (this is increasingly the new battleground for competing casinos — in other words player retention) the offerings at Gaming Club are a bit too vague.

Visit the Current Promotions page and you’ll see mention of ‘daily, weekly and monthly’ deals and freebies, however, in the next breath GC is telling you to register and find out what they are. Hm.

Same thing goes for the big theme contests, the monthly promotions: no details, no mentions of past themes, no teasers for upcoming months. We are left with the same indication from the site: just register to ‘qualify’ for these promotions (which we nothing of from the beginning). Check out other cool casino VIP clubs, read about Mad About Slots UK

Atmosphere That’s a Bit Cool

We think that closed-lipped strategy is not very fun, actually. Although this is a long-running online casino, it makes no effort to share its legacy with newcomers before registration.

Perhaps this site is happy with its customer base and is likewise satisfied with the amount of new players it gets through referrals? Not likely, folks. But, we find it surprising that Gaming Club (literally like an exclusive ‘club’) is not taking pains to convince us that its promotions are great.

But, you would notice that GC has a nifty ‘Weekend Match Promotion’, featuring a cash-match bonus determined by a player’s previous weeks of activity and deposits. Again, this attitude of mums-the-word — it is a bit of a pattern here.

If you like that exclusive feeling, like you are a member of something with history, with a long track record, and so forth, well then Gaming Club has your number. More great casino promotions here

Games, Please

The games, finally, which should be the most important thing at any mobile casino, are solid here, but not extraordinary. The selection is touted as a ‘wide range’, and does include tournament possibilities, yet it’s merely the Microgaming mobile portfolio we’re all very familiar with already.

‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Thuderstruck’ slots, and the usual table games, are available. We’re happy to have Microgaming’s dependable suite, but we think that one of the Web’s oldest casinos could be a bit more creative.

On the other hand, we do like the site’s mention that it offers a ‘casual casino environment that is safe and preserves financial privacy’. It’s probably very casual and congenial, once you join and play through some deposits — but we have found Gaming Club’s overall personality somewhat standoffish.

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