Gamble Responsibly

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There are numerous ways to check your gambling enthusiasm, technically, before it becomes a problem habit. Using technology (like setting account limits, and so forth) only works if the user can be trusted, after all. That means you need to check your head, primarily.

By all means, use the tips and resources we suggest below to manage your gambling and likewise to avoid a problem, however, simply use a little common sense first and foremost, if you can. Have a little talk with yourself.

Have you had other addictions?

Ever had a problem with gambling before (even if just offline!)?

Are you hoping to climb out of hard times on a bet?

If you check your own head (and heart) and you must honestly answer yes to a question like these, then the best way to gamble responsibly is to wait until you are actually ‘responsible’, obviously. For due diligence, you may want to consult a help agency like one of these:

For Those Who Crave Balanced Thrills

On the other hand, if you have never had a gambling problem, and you indeed treat your betting merely as a form of recreation, relaxation, entertainment, well, then we’re about to cover some basic ways for you to keep things that way.

You may win or lose, but as long as your play time is under control overall, you’re the type who knows how to regain balance amidst all the excitement. Read on.


One of the best ways to keep your wagering within reasonable, affordable limits is to simply make it less easy for you to deposit funds in your online casino account. You should never use your personal credit cards at casino sites, anyway, on account of security. Therefore, you can capitalize on this situation to manage your gambling, too.

Here’s what you do: get an alternative payment tool like Ukash, PayPal, Skrill, PaySafeCard or Neteller and dedicate it solely to your online casino play cash. Choose the tool that is least convenient for you to top up. Now, if you burn through your Poker budget, you won’t want to bother going through the hoops of buying more chips. There could also be a delay in the transfers that inhibits impulse gambling.

Learn more, read our full review of online gaming security tips here.

Behavior Is Power

Next, a very simple way to check yourself is with a little help from friends. Make a pact with your betting buddy(ies) about not spending more than you have budgeted, and reveal that budget up front. You and friends can trade a little extra oversight and accountability, just as we do with designated drivers. Avoid gambling online alone. Most casinos have basic ‘social’ features that allow you to stick close to friends online, so to speak.

Manage your time – remember — as much as your money. Time is money, as they say. Keep track of the numbers of minutes you ‘spend’ as if they were coins. Another effective trick is not allowing yourself to obscure the actual amount of money you gamble away by playing any winnings.

Only play through the cash in hand you started with, regardless of how much your bankroll grows.

Lastly, here’s a take-home image: You followed the tips above, left the casino website having only played the amount with which you arrived, and, you preserved your winnings! — That splendid feeling should become your real obsession. It’s a feeling of reaping the rewards of self control, which arguably produces the most fun in the end.

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