Farm Casino

What is it with farms nowadays? — It does indeed seem that we go a little crazy about the idea of the ol’ farm, somewhere outa’ town, where there’s lots of sunshine and fields of green grass waving in the breeze.

It is this image and nostalgia in us that game makers, most notably Zynga with FarmVille, have keyed into big-time (not to mention the big 3D-animated films they copy). Farm Casino is within this trend, despite a little (intended?) brand confusion with Zynga’s thing.

Going All the Way

Whereas Zynga did not blanket its farm-theme over the entire casino (Plus Casino), and instead offers FarmVille-themed slots inside it, the Farm Casino has gone for a fully-farmed-out overall feel.

Farm Casino contains, of course, the Farm Slot, a 5-reel, 15 pay-line model, in keeping with this pastoral fixation. The games you’ll find are made by Dragonplay, a social gaming company (surprise, surprise, just like Zynga).

What makes it ‘social’? Here is our list of the things that you get, for free:

  • personal avatars (screen aliases, with thumbnail pictures)
  • of course, registration through its Facebook app
  • internal messaging system with game buddies
  • SD card storage is possible (mobile users)
  • Free daily coins to play
  • A mini game bonus round

The last few items on that list are not necessarily ‘social’, granted, but they do enhance the social-gambling-like fun in a game like Farm Slot. Want to see more enjoyable casino slots?? Click here!

The Social and the Mobile

The fact that Farm Slot, for example, is an Android app that is downloaded to store on your mobile device points to the intimate connection between society’s newest ‘social’ standards and the mobile revolution.

Most people who are using apps and playing games and slots while they are out-of-doors, on-the-go, or commuting are hooked up to some extent with their social networks, and their mobile-casino experience is no different.

Farm Slot and the whole casino by Dragonplay takes our basic social-ready expectations straight across into the game. We are surprised, however, that there are not more of these charming new features! We wonder about the lack of:

  • Gifting of coins between buddies
  • Private casino rooms for friends
  • Tournaments
  • Teams with friends

Real Cash vs Play Coins

Furthermore, this is not a ‘real’ casino because the gambling involved is somewhat lightweight. Here’s what Dragonplay itself says about this point:

‘Although categorized as casino games, none of our games are considered to be gambling services. All Dragonplay games are played for virtual currency and do not involve gambling for real money.’

This has always seemed like a very grey area to us, when a definition might understate the possibility of loss with such a game. It is technically a form of gambling, just not on and with cash, but rather, we bet on our own entertainment.

So, true, a game like Farm Slot, is not going to be a way for us to lose large sums of cash, the way we could do in a high-roller Poker room at a big online-casino destination. On the other hand, we can win new online friends, and, pure enjoyment from this social casino — but that’s all, folks. Don’t forget to check out a new real-cash casino.

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