Farkle-What? Farkle Pro is an Old Game, Come Alive in New Media

Do you know what it means ‘to Farkle’?

(It means: to bust!)

If you do, then you’re among the multitudes who have played the game of Farkle throughout the past six centuries. It’s a dice game that is in principle like the card game of 21 or Blackjack, except that the winning numbers are much higher in Farkle.

The complexity of many dice in play and keeping one’s score, multiplied by the number of players, makes the simplified, automated online version called Farkle Pro such a hit. The Web-based game brings out the joy of playing while eliminating the work, which allows it to gain the powers of ‘social networking’ in this new 21st Century version of Farkle.

Platforms and Origins

Farkle Pro is available on a handful of networks including the massive Facebook, by using its ‘social engine’ programming.

Not only does the environment change, so does the gaming logic inside: Farkle Pro adapts to you as the game progresses (and the premium accounts allow playing others as well).

It was developed by an Israeli game company called Playtika, recently bought by perhaps the biggest casino group in existence (Caesars). The distinctive marks of this game are its captivating change-ability, which makes each visit new, and the ease of adoption, since it’s a cinch to pick up immediately.

Layers of Fun

When added to the social Web, traditional Farkle becomes absorbing and multi-layered, and potentially faster. In fact, layers is the way Playtika’s games work. As you gain experience points on a particular level, you eventually master it and a new one is unlocked for you.

This provides a bit of texture to the social aspect of Farkle Pro since everyone has a uniquely structured experience in their progression through the game. The website states that its social engine ‘enhances playing experience exponentially’. What this means is that Farkle communities are all the more lively and realistic.

The App

The graphics are another mark of this one’s success. First rate imagery and vivacious animation graces the classic Farkle play zone and bet arena, where various amonts of dice are rolled in turn by each player assembling their best score.

The truth is, you have probably already played the game without knowing it at the time. This 600-year-old piece of folklore has entered the mainstream at various times by different commercial names and variations — pointing out how adaptive the original game has always been.

Playtika has transplanted that experience into the world of social networking and powerful artificial intelligence software. Here is a summary of what its game offers:

  • The online version of the classic game Farkle
  • Social engine technology adds live networking
  • Some accounts allow multiple players
  • Your game will change as you play it
  • Realistic graphics and sound engage you
  • Automated Farkle rules and arithmatic
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