3 Facebook Poker Games with a Mobile App to Boot

This time we’re looking at three top Poker games available through Facebook.

mobile pokerBefore we start, lively things up with some Sexy Poker??

One of them (our #1 favourite) is also available as an Android app for your phone. Zynga Poker earns that spot. Their app plugs in seamlessly with the Facebook game, offering a tighter play window on the smaller mobile screen, which is not a bad thing actually.

Top Three Facebook Poker Games (and Android App)

1. Zynga Poker (known as Texas Hold’em Poker also)
2. Poker Palace
3. Poker Rivals

Now, first of all, the reason we want to cover these — even though you can’t play for real cash on them — is to inform you, of course, but also to suggest a nifty way that playing these can steel your nerves for the money betting games.

The fact is, Zynga is famous for ‘social gaming’, and so getting familiar with their games will behove you (fortunately the studio’s first hit was Poker!). That’s because many mainstream online casinos will begin offering social features in the coming years, perhaps months!

The Facebook Factor

Facebook really is the ideal platform (as opposed to the open Web) for social gaming, because everyone we know is already on Facebook. Its standard publicly-visible information about each official Page is also a nifty way to size up things like Poker games:

  • Zynga Poker: 762,860 likes (or players) · over 10K+ ‘talking about this’
  • Poker Palace: 719,146 likes · ~1,000 ‘talking about this’
  • Poker Rivals: 5,495 likes · 2 ‘talking about this’

Now, although we chose to respect the popularity numbers above in ordering our top three list, the truth is that aside from Zynga, we find Poker Rivals more innovative than Poker Palace (which we’ll not get into).

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The Lovable Underdog Is Underrated

The screens and overall look of Poker Rivals has a distinctly more human-scale feeling than other games that rely on the realism of shaded icons like chips or diagram-like tables. There are avatars (screen selves) that look human, like Japanese cartoons rather than either silly avatars or simply the boxy Facebook profile images. And you can buy your avatar stylish clothes and accessories.

There is little doubt that winning a nice big pot of money with a great hand is a rush. Yet playing for play money (chips) in one of these three games reconnects us with the love of playing itself. It just might be that staying in touch with the pure enjoyment of playing is what takes us to winning.

The Reasons to Play on Facebook

People enjoy just playing so much (or else they fear betting the farm) that they actually purchase chips to play on Facebook. Good thing that Zynga Poker gives you $2,000 to start. Another nice thing is giving and receiving chips from friends (for example, after big wins) — this one of the ways social gaming come into play.

Zynga is a very slick game. There’s not much use in describing it — Zynga doesn’t even bother posting screen shots of its game before you begin to play through Facebook. The colours are rich, the interface is clean, and, as reviewers are apt to note, Zynga has found the right pace for the rounds, the perfect speed. Just try it.

In closing, our suggestion is to nurture your Poker heart on Facebook, so that you can launch killer hands playing the real-cash casinos.

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