European Roulette on Mobile Devices

Something called RTP, or ‘return to player’, is an important fact for any would-be roulette player to know. This figure describes the odds of winning, or more precisely the statistical winning’ness of the game from your perspective.

Any casino is also making a certain profit on its roulette play, because there is a house edge, mathematically. This edge is higher for American Roulette than in European Roulette, which is why knowing your RTP is good.

Roulette: From America to Europe

There are structural variations between the two continent’s renditions of the game, including the size of the grid table where bets are made. The reason for the following difference in odds:

  • American: 94.7% RTP
  • European: 97.3% RTP

is that the American Roulette has an extra zero for 38 slots on the wheel versus the European wheel’s 37. This is what accounts for the difference in the house odds, and therefore the return-to-player percentage.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top mobile casinos for European Roulette:

  • mFortune – Offering a rich beautiful European Roulette app, mFortune is known for excellence in catering directly to mobile players. The graphics fill up your screen in vivid colour with easy controls and views. You can switch between practice and bet mode, pay with your phone bill and reap a 100% cash match on your first deposit up to £100, and a free £5 to play fast. [Full Review]
  • WildJack – Here you read explicitly that the Euro Roulette game offered does not have the extra zero slot and hence better odds. Graphics on this one are a bit chunkier than mFortune, but the app is user-friendly, and the wheel animation is wicked. 100% cash match bonus up to £100 on sign up. [Full Review]
  • – Also recently redesigned, this central Web URL for casino enthusiasts is also hosting advanced games for any Apple or Android mobile device. It’s European Roulette for iPad and Android tablet, at its finest. This site is aiming to rise, with a 100% cash match up to £400! [Full Review]
  • LadyLucks – The Roulette is not labelled as European, but it’s a Probability Games app so it is likely to be — but you won’t really care what it is because the graphics and design are so upscale. You get £5 free chips to start playing, and a cash match of 100% up to £100, plus second and third deposit bonuses, too. [Full Review]
  • Gala Mobile – This newly designed site is ultra slick now, and with Playtech’s Euro Roulette game on offer, Gala will continue to be a formidable brand in online casino. The app is also slick, very modern, showing a close up of the table, but natural, not from overhead like WildJack. 100% first deposit up to £200. [Full Review]

Strangely, you should stay alert when shopping around for other great online casinos because not all offer the more favourable European version. For example, a major online casino of long standing, Grosvenor, only offers the more classic roulette for mobile devices.

TIP: Don’t assume that just because a site is big and well known that it hosts European Roulette.

The growing selection for this elegant game shows how fast the online casino market is expanding, and in particular, its current surge into the area of roulette for iPhone 5 and Android tablets. Live spinners and croupiers for your mobile screen will be on the horizon soon, helped along by newer 4G services.

So watch out, roulette-lovers! The game we love is heating up for mobile players.