DoubleDown Casino

Well, folks, we have entered the era of mobile casinos that do not really rely upon flagship sites, and instead run in social networks like Facebook, or as free apps.

Enter DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown has an interesting angle on things, which we like already. Instead of concentrating upon managing its own user registrations and requiring some kind of initial deposit (even Zynga’s casino makes people provide payment information right from the start), this crafty new destination actually lives inside the safe, vouched-for Facebook ecosystem. Best of all: it offers free play to non-members.

Okay, okay, it’s just ten minutes of free play to start you off. But still, you can play without supplying any identity or payment information — which is always great. Within ten minutes you can definitely find out if you like the way DoubleDown does things. (Keep in mind that the playing-free offer only applies to Blackjack, slots and video Poker.)

Awesome Games, Although Few

The games you’ll find are solid, bomb-proof, stunningly beautiful titles by IGT, a world leader in mobile casino entertainment. Wolf Run, Cats and DaVinci Diamonds — they are, in other words, slots that you may have played elsewhere. DoubleDown is not getting big points for game selection, but it excels in other ways.

The handy thing — even if the games aren’t the most original, although of the highest quality — is that you can play DoubleDown seamlessly with your Facebook life. Or, you can download the free app to your phone or tablet, if that’s how you roll.

Social gambling, it is presumed, is its own reward — it offers fun that you only realise after trying it out. Everyone’s social casino experience will differ, and that’s its charm.

‘Compatibility’ Is Passé

Device compatibility is nothing to worry about if you would rather spin away on your smart phone or your tablet: DoubleDown is one of the first mobile casinos that has reached out specifically to the Amazon/Kindle crowd, too. So no matter which mobile system you are using, including Apple’s iOS of course, then you’ll be able to enjoy the DoubleDown experience.

Get Socialised

Have you ever played your casino favourites inside a massive social network like Facebook before? The dynamics of this environment may take you surprise, especially once your online friends begin getting you into tournaments, or even sending you gifts of credits to play (and perhaps win with also!). Check out 3 Facebook Poker Games with a Mobile App to Boot

We think it very likely that DoubleDown could add online Bingo (real-cash, ideally) to its budding casino line-up.

In our opinion, DoubleDown has some way to go before it can compete with awesome, dedicated mobile casinos like Wild Jack, Moobile, LadyLucks and so on. However, we like the accessibility and free offers when you enter DoubleDown from your Facebook account. As its game selection improves, we’re pretty sure this social gambling approach will appeal to many more — especially peer pressure from online friends sets in.

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