The ComeOn mobile casino is a new breed, as far as we can see. The polish at the casino-website level, as well as at the level of game selection, is extraordinary. What a great name, to boot!

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Welcome to the Social

There are social features to be found at even before you register. That’s another signal that this is not your ordinary Net casino; it’s on the avant garde or forefront of online casino entertainment.

For example, if you look at the very bottom of pages, you see the ‘Love ComeOn Games’ chart, where you see the current tallies of members who ‘love’ certain games best by voting (current, weekly and monthly figures are given).

When you are aware of at least a small community surrounding a certain online or mobile casino, and the casino provides ways for that society to communicate or else it broadcasts the community’s status (in the amount of Love votes, and so on), then what you have is social gaming. By the looks of things, ComeOn is steering its brand in that direction.

Getting Down to the Nitty-Pretty

Okay, why do we like ComeOn? There are so many things coming to mind that a list will be necessary:

  • Site design is ultra clean (check out the cloth-like page backgrounds)
  • Innovations like Game [app] Bundles, Lovable Games, Casino News
  • Excellent merchandising of Net|Ent games
  • ‘My Casino’ tools for each player
  • At least two game sources
  • Current winners and Poker players listed
  • Tournaments running

See another amazing Net|Ent casino selection.

When you arrive into the casino, what you see is so clear and neat, you wonder whether there should be more there. Front/centre/top is the member-login panel. The significance of that is obvious: this is what ComeOn thinks is most important.

Below, the main links are Sports, Casino and Poker. That’s it. ComeOn specialises in those three things and they’re frank about it. We have always admired online casinos that do not try to promise everything under the sun, instead picking strongest suits and being the best in those areas.

Once you pick your poison (come on now!) at, things get more detailed, which is the correct way for a website to work. The quality at ComeOn is refreshing amidst so many cookie-cutter sites these days.

Importance of Design

The reason we harp on casino design is that, otherwise, all casinos are essentially re-presenting the same games from Microgaming, Net|Ent, Playtech powered brands, IGT, Play’nGo and … you get the point.

The casino’s unique way of presenting, packaging, promoting and incentivising the games that are licensed is what counts. (Very, very few casinos make their own games.)

That being said, we’re absolutely sure you will appreciate the quality of ComeOn. It does not miss a beat, giving you what you want to see and learn at the best time.

When you enter the Casino section, the options open up to include: game selectors, Tournaments, Jackpots, Winners and My Casino — and we love all that positive directness! Enjoy this superb new destination!

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