Casino Games on Sony Ericsson

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The partnership between Sony and Ericsson was fruitful while it lasted. The reason Sony did not renew their collaborative arrangement, said its news releases, was that it planned to drive in the direction of smartphones, which is an area in which Ericsson had little experience to offer.

Sony On Its Own Again

Customers of Sony-Ericsson smartphones, called Xperia, who received the recent Android updates from ‘Gingerbread’ to ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ through Sony’s support system, probably noticed that the classic ‘Sony’ boot graphic now contradicts the hyphenated name above it on the phone.

As it turns out, with the massive growth of smartphones and the concurrent decline of computers and laptops (in terms of sales), and meanwhile with free online gaming’s steady rise in popularity, the Sony name is wonderfully positioned in the marketplace.  See great games for Sony like Mr Green mobile casino.

Sony and Gaming Going Hand-in-Hand

Sony is already linked to the PlayStation, which is believed by many to be the best gaming console ever made. If the company can successfully understand that online gaming is becoming a new mode of communication, of language, even of learning, rather than mere entertainment, then it may have the very best traction on this solid foundation for the future.

Android + Sony Polish

Sony smart phones operate on Android, as we said, but Sony takes pains to create special Xperia-only features. The first such feature is a special homescreen design in which the four corners hold small arcs. If you touch one of them it bounces open to reveal whichever shortcuts you have placed there. There are a total of sixteen positions you can fill, which makes much better use of screen-space and avoids having a bunch of icons lined up on your palmtop.

NOTE: Sony is exceptionally trusty and timely about pushing the newest versions of Android once adapted for the Xperia models.

Other Sony-only goodies that increase your mobile casino-gaming thrills are its Bravia display engine, its groovy bass and loudness settings, as well as its streamlined ‘Facebook inside Xperia’ capabilities that link your Facebook life with your phone-life. These features only add to your social gaming and mobile casino enjoyment.

Xperia and Mobile Casino

As far as a mobile-casino player is concerned, Sony’s phones deliver as much performance as could be desired. One interesting point of interest about Sony is its innovation in the area of smaller devices, having made the world’s smallest Android smartphone, the Xperia mini, with a hi-def but small 3” screen. Its tablets have also been rather interesting designs, some convertible, perfect for no deposit casino games.

We think that the stars are in line for big things to come out of Sony’s workshops and factories in the next couple of years, and we see it as a no-brainer that some kind of merging of its mobile devices and its PlayStation technology will happen — much to online casino players hurrahs!

If you are already a Sony user, well, chances are pretty high that you will remain one.  However, if you are a Nokia user you might want to read this

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