Casino Games on HTC

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JackpotCity and mFortune call out to their players using HTC phones by running high search rankings if you hunt for casinos specifically for this major handset brand. This is a telling detail. We have seen other online casinos target specific electronics brands by name, but very few brands merit such attention.

The question is: Why does HTC deserve to be thought of in terms of offering an exclusive ‘HTC casino’ experience? That is, is it different from a standard Android app that can be used on HTC phones? We shall see.

Inside HTC

First of all, to answer that question, we start with HTC: it’s one of the world’s most advanced designers and manufacturers of smartphones. One fact proves this out, which is that Google chooses HTC to produce its Nexus phone. That phone is the flagship for the Android operating system.

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Android is used by more people in the world nowadays than iPhone. What does this status mean? It means HTC — it just stands to reason — is probably closer to Google’s most essential technology than any other phone maker. That has to rub off! Right?

At a more concrete level, Google installs its Nexus models with the very latest code pushes and updates. The HTC-made phones operate the most advanced versions of the Android operating system.

These facts beg many questions, but really in all it means that HTC is deemed adequate if not excellent by none other than Google, originator of Android, the world’s most popular mobile system. That’s good enough for us.

Windows 8

Add to the fact that HTC has launched a series of ground-breaking phones with Microsoft’s cutting edge Windows 8 operating system and you have the complex, if happy, problem of knowing you’ve got a great phone to find the perfect casino app for.

Phones that Rock

Now, let’s talk about the phones. The HTC Desire, and later the One series, its own flagship devices, are powerful mini-computers, which mean they are also powerful mobile gaming consoles. Android now supports linkage to a larger external screen, plus, input by popular game controllers. So what you’ve got is a mobile game console in your pocket or purse.

We will have to wait a while to see what Windows 8 offers up but the brand new 8X smartphone looks like taking things to a whole other level.

That kind of toy makes mobile casinos come alive in the living room or wherever you happen to be playing. With the stereo sound available, the fast graphics delivered by HTC’s beefy innards and today’s swift poker or roulette apps, well, when you try it you’ll be hooked.

Yet on HTC, playing globally-networked card games or progressive jackpot slot games simply on the handset itself is enough of a thrill! Pop in the ear buds, and you basically block out the tube or bus and enter a casino inside your phone. Strange but true.

The Big League

Based on HTC’s specs and know-how (let alone the chummy relationship with Google), we feel very confident in stating that the Nexus, Desire, Sense and the newest, One X, are the world’s top-of-the-line hand-held gaming devices. If you look at the HTC homepage you see rotating quotes by every leading magazine, on- and offline, about how stunning the One model is. The big picture of it betrays the same!

HTC, it seems, may be ahead of the rest as the Android-wielding contender standing up to Apple’s legendary build quality and style. As a mobile casino gaming toy, there’s nothing like HTC’s best.

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