Casino Games for Android Give the Most Thrills Available

How did you end up with an Android smart phone? Did you choose it, or, was it foisted upon you somehow? Maybe you liked a particular phone model, which just happened to run the Android system.

And, what’s that? — you love casino games, too? Well, you really lucked out!

Android has overtaken the iPhone as the world’s number one mobile device for gaming. You can find the most apps for your phone, and Android casino games are the most advanced, and, the most versatile in terms of playing real cash. (You see, iPhone users have to put up with more restrictions by Apple on whether money can be bet using their apps.)

Every possible casino game is ready for you to play, from Mobile Blackjack to Roulette, as well as quick games of chance like scratchcards or slots — and many hybrids of these games are available, too. The android casino apps currently lead the field. They are usually free to download. And there is now a special Android store, which offers extra safety than dealing with individual game-company websites individually.

A casino for android delivers 3D graphics, great sound and effects and ultra-realistic looking screens showing table games or slots. Video is also making its way into fold, since video Poker is widely available, and some of the newest websites (but only a handful as yet) intend to put live video right into the game, too.

Of course, robust chat windows are already built into the mobile casino experience, as you expect from the ‘early days’ of online casinos that you played on your computer. To enrich the community feeling, also, many Android apps give you the power to create a personalized ‘avatar’, which is basically your very own mobile poker face!

The Android casino world will always keep you surprised because it is a huge growth industry.

Sign up bonuses to register as a Touchscreen Casino player using an Android devise are identical to the offers for iPhone users or others, if not better. And this platform is definitely the best to have in terms of staying in the game, so to speak, for years to come.

Industry specialists generally expect Android’s market share to go on expanding. One reason is the open environment enjoyed by programmers and companies who intend to launch android casino apps.

What does that mean to you? It means that whenever a new feature or gaming trend hits the market, you as an Android user will be the first to try it, because the companies will roll it out on Android first of all. The android casino may actually never drop to second place behind the iPhone, at this point.

So, now that you use Android, and you know how powerful it is for gaming, aren’t you happy? You should be. Choose one of the recommended apps, download it quick, and, may your next jackpot win be massive!