Cantor Mobile Casino Games Unveiled

The US online gambling market is developing, too slowly for some perhaps, in careful steps. It is not surprising that Nevada leads the nation with its regulated online initiatives. An American (Nevadan) company called Cantor Gaming has scored the first big license in the country’s evolution toward mobile casino entertainment.

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For now, this news is limited to the state of Nevada, home of the mega-brand ‘Vegas’, which is a household name across our global village. Within the physical Las Vegas casino marketplace, Cantor itself is a household name — to casino owners, CEOs and general managers, that is. Here are the facts about this highly successful company, and what it does:

  • Cantor’s gaming division was built on a financial services firm that now handles around $500 Billion a day in transactions.
  • Cantor provides equipment, software and transaction-processing services to many of Vegas’s top land-based casinos.
  • This company also runs many top sportsbook operations in Nevada, including mobile sports betting.
  • Its mobile casino suite is currently offered to guests at physical casinos and resorts, although Cantor has possession of the first license to bring mobile casinos to residents state-wide.

What This Means

Now if we take a look at what these facts mean, perhaps we can see some trends in the American online gambling scene presently, a picture of how it’s tending to develop. In a word, that development is careful.

Cantor is a well-known firm for handling secure financial payments. We think that kind of reputation will go over very well with a public that wants to play mobile casino but remains very worried about identity theft. Cantor can reassure us.

Fits and Starts

The nation-wide legalisation movement is not at all in a hurry, although individual states that have gambling interests already — such as Nevada, New York, Washington — will not delay. Actually, there is small-scale gambling in many parts of the country, such as Native American reservations where it is legal for Indians, and this will basically expand in the coming years, all things being equal.

Gambling is spreading across the globe, now as an Internet-enabled form of entertainment. The race to corner good parts of the budding American online and mobile casino markets is on. The question up until now among many insiders was whether European and British gaming firms would be able get a jump-start in the US, with their existing technology and experience.

Americans Can Do It

Cantor is providing a bold answer to that question: American gambling companies are very able and eager to service states that legalise mobile gaming for real cash. This company already has prime examples of what it can do, in flagship locations such as California’s Colusa Casino and inside other well-known Vegas brands.

We think it is very likely that as other states decide to rake in taxes from gambling, Cantor and other domestic firms will not only appear on the scene, ready to react, but also receive preferential treatment.