Candy Club Casino

Sugar Hut is a well-known lifestyle brand, with hotels and clubs in the UK. Recently, due to the popularity of online gaming for real-cash, Sugar Hut moved into the mobile casino market with its own offering, called Candy Club Casino.

This is not a new gaming enterprise, but rather the first time that the celebrated UK gaming studio Probability plc has embraced a hospitality client. Probability, you see, has provided its games for Candy Club in a white-label manner.

Probability Gaming

What that means is that all the Probability hits you already know are available now through the Candy Club Mobile site. It’s not so different from other Probability casinos; however, each place to play this game portfolio presents it in its own way. In this case, Candy Club elected to lead with premium mobile titles like these:

● HD Roulette

● Long John’s Silver HD

● Poseidon’s Kingdom HD

● Way of the Slot HD

● Pots ‘O’ Plenty HD

The names of these games are already familiar to you, but perhaps not the top-shelf versions. (Make sure your mobile phone or tablet has a big enough screen and enough computing power to handle it!)

The other things about Candy Club we’ll want to point out are more unique to it. For instance, the bonuses available to sign up. You get a friendly Fiver to start your bankroll with a little no-deposit game play, followed by deposit bonuses (of undisclosed amounts).

Community Flavour

A big draw of playing Candy-Club Mobile is joining over a million players, and, the convenience of having mobile gaming linked to your Sugar Hut accommodations and entertainment, if you are a patron of those land-based services.

Otherwise, the whole world can know experience the Sugar Hut brand through its Candy Club site, without even knowing that it is a hotel company! The nice thing about these unusual tie-ups with online casino action is that some prizes are very likely to come from Candy Hut’s own goodies, like nightclubbing or vacation packages.

If you really like the feeling of your online and mobile casino integrated with a real place, then that warmth and community will shine through for you at Candy Club.

Practicalities Are Covered

The games are playable on the top mobile systems (Android Apple devices), so there is no compatibility hassle at all!

Rounding out the convenience of Candy Club is its full spectrum of banking services, sothat you can safely deposit and withdraw your winnings. We recommend that you use the mighty PayPal as your banking solution, but you could use Ukash and Solo here as well.

We think that sites like Candy Club, which remain related to an actual place, will begin to increase in 2014. This is a good thing, since it will just make playing and winning all the more interesting!

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