Best Budget Tablets for Playing Casino Games

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Casino players are now provided with so much choice for enjoying their online games. They no longer need to remain seated in front of a computer screen and can now experience casino gaming from their smartphones and tablets, too. Some players often prefer playing on mobile devices, as it allows them to do so in complete comfort and even when they are on the move using 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.

When tablets were first making their way into the market, they were quite expensive – prohibitively so for some of us. However, as technology has developed, prices have reduced and there is now a good selection of budget tablets available, some of which offer real value for money.

The Tablets on Offer

We are categorising budget tablets as anything under £250 in value, and there are many different options in this price range. The most popular budget tablets on offer come from manufacturers such as Amazon, Tesco, Google, Asus, Advent, and LG. Even the budget devices range substantially in price, and you will find that you usually get the quality you expect.

Best Tablets for Online Casino

Playing online casino games is just one use for a tablet, and a suitable device must have adequate specifications to support them. The most important technical factors when using a tablet for this purpose are processor speed, usability, graphical interface, and security.

Up-to-date Operating System

To perform all of the impressive casino features seamlessly, Android device users must ensure they are running on OS 4.0 or later, though this is dependent on the specific casino software. When playing online casino games, being able to quickly press buttons and navigate through screens is really important, so make sure your OS is advanced enough to support your selected mobile casino.

Impressive Graphical Support

Today’s mobile casinos games often come packed with impressive high definition graphics and complex special features, and some tablets can handle them much better than others. Although it isn’t absolutely essential that your tablet has a powerful graphics card, it will certainly contribute to your gaming experience.

High Security

Finally, look out for tablets that offer advanced security features. When transferring money to and from online casinos, you should always protect yourself wherever possible. As well as choosing a tablet with good security, be sure to make your deposits using the more secure transfer methods, such as PayPal, Ukash, and Neteller.

Top Cheap UK Tablets

There are many budget tablet devices that offer a lot in terms of functionality and affordability. We have reviewed some of the most popular cheap tablets and the key information can be browsed below.

  • Google Nexus 7 – While more expensive than other budget tablets, the Nexus packs quite a punch. The newest version includes a high-quality display and a rear camera.
  • Acer Iconia – This tablet provides a great mix of functionality. And it’s ideally geared towards surfing the web, watching online videos, and accessing social networks. All in all, it should be ideal for all your online gaming needs.
  • Archos – The Archos performs relatively well, and is certainly well built. However, the quality of cameras and the screen resolution makes this far from ideal for casino gameplay.
  • Tesco Hudl – For its relatively low price, the Hudl is quite impressive. The Hudl it has a decent screen, a great processor, and the potential to upgrade your storage with an SD card slot.
  • Ubislate – Datawind’s Ubislate is the cheapest on the list, and this is reflected in the quality of the device. ‘You get what you pay for’ certainly applies here, as you might encounter performance limitations. (Read more about Ubislate here…)

To summarise, we would advise not to go too cheap, as it will often result in a diminished mobile casino experience.

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