Big Fish Is Launching the First Mobile-Social Casino for Real Cash

There are three companies involved in the latest big news in the mobile casino world. Big Fish, a global ‘casual’ gaming company. Self Aware Studios, maker of the hit ‘Card Ace: Casino’. And, Betable, the UK online gaming company, will deliver a real-money version of the game to British players.

Those companies have conspired to make a bit of history: This will be one of the first social gambling games to add a version with real-cash stakes. The leadership at Big Fish, the company driving the entire project, is betting that free mobile social games with available gambling versions is the correct strategy now.

Big Brand Recognition Meets Game Wizardry

Big Fish Casino’ is the app name to look out for, or punch up at your app-store of choice. This rebranded and re-tuned update of Self Aware Studio’s Card Ace: Casino has the overall polish and high quality that Big Fish is known to offer.

If more and more games follow this model (free app + gambling option) then we may see a decrease in the amount of advertising or even the removal of those annoyingly tiny banner ads on our mobiles.

Here are games currently included in the Big Fish Casino suite:

Now realize that these favourites operate in a social framework, not the other way around. Things are not limited to a few ‘social’ features; instead the whole game’s logic is geared for a social experience.

Keep what you win!!

Available on Android tablets too!! mForune Texas Hold’em!!

Virtual Social = More Realistic Game

There is a significant similarity between Big Fish’s approach and an actual land casino: in both you basically play and enjoy different games while staying in close touch with your friends throughout the night. For that reason, the company is confident that its game will acquire a reputation as the most realistic casino app.

BF Casino also has programmed mechanics that give us new thrills, such as a mini side-game called Slot Races in which online friends play a fast-paced slot and try to outrun each other with their spinning and winning.

The companies involved with developing and now marketing the Big Fish Casino are talking in such a way as to claim the mantel of best-in-class or even only-in-class. They want this one to become the leading mobile app with this amount of quality and variety — plus social engineering.

We think consumers of online gambling and especially mobile apps will probably benefit if more game titles follow suit with the optional real-cash feature that Big Fish is pionnering now.

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