Betfair Mobile Casino

Betfair’s mobile casino is available now at and offers 20 games. Here’s the rundown on its selection, before he cover bonuses and the sign-up package.

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From the touch-driven lobby screen of this mobile-optimized site, at the upper left you’ll see the familiar three horizontal lines indicating a menu. Tap this and you can check out the games spread, but here it is to get you primed:

  • Table Games: European Roulette
  • Card Games: Blackjack
  • Slots: there are 12 Playtech titles to choose from (more on that below)
  • Video Pokers: Jacks Or Better
  • 5 Scratch cards

The nice thing about this mobile site is that you can run demos of the games from the All Games tab. Nice. They are Playtech slots, with many carrying blockbuster film themes like Iron Man and Kong. These are among the world’s leading online casino gaming platforms out there today.

See more about Playtech’s grandeur here.

Casino Next to Live Betting

The thing to understand about Betfair is that it’s primarily a betting site, as in sports and making wagers on all sorts of events and news. Their mobile apps for this kind of online gambling are far more extensive than its traditional ‘casino’ offerings. And yet, by licensing the world’s finest Playtech gaming software, Betfair can satisfy your casino endeavours admirably.

And, from a different perspective, if you happen to be curious about a little betting fun (maybe you always have been but never before explored it) then this is an excellent choice for signing up and enjoying one of the most robust online betting portals you can find.

Bonuses at Betfair

Fine, so what do you get for signing up? There’s up to £200 in deposit bonuses waiting for you. The first time you deposit funds you get a maximum of £100 matching bonus cash. The second time, you get another £50 at 50% cash-match. Same for deposit three.

If you consider yourself a VIP then of course you can join that way, and get up to £500 if you deposit £1000. That’s an incredible bonus, folks! Not just ‘high rollers’ but anyone can join in as VIPs; even somewhat pedestrian and yet consistent players could reason this way: If I’ll spend £1000 on my casino entertainment this year or in the next few months, it would be smart to deposit all at once to get that amazingly free £500.

Just a thought!

You will love the simplicity of Betfair’s mobile touch-enable interface. It’s so optimized for your smart phone or tablet screen that if you try to click it up with your desktop or laptop using a mouse, the buttons don’t respond. It’s a truly mobile-centric casino. On the touch screen, the same large buttons (meant for fingers not cursors) are snappy and fast-moving to the next screens.

Peace of Mind

Being able to play the games in demo mode is a huge plus. It’s a great way to make sure you want to drop that first £100 to grab a maximum matching bonus, in order to get going strong at Betfair’s mobile casino.

We’re quite confident you’ll like this one’s straightforward, fair and serious demeanour. The mixture of casino and all-around betting is fairly unique, and it’s what makes Betfair many people’s favourite spot.

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