Bet365 Casino for Mobile

The Bet365 Casino for Mobile is powered by Microgaming, which means the portfolio is about 200 games strong. Unfortunately, that’s the only game brand you get. On the other hand, this is no cookie-cutter site that merely licenses games and sets up shop.

 Serious Stuff

Bet365 as the name suggests is mainly a betting hub. If you call up the bet dashboard you may feel bewildered. The mobile casino side is much more user-friendly and less technical, of course, and fortunately.

The games are compatible with Apple or Android (no other systems are mentioned). They are instant-play games that run inside the browser window. There’s also a live dealer app, which is apparently only offered to Apple users. There’s more on the actual games below.

 What’s the Bonus at Bet’?

Bonus action at Bet365 is really off the hook, at up to £6,000. That’s the largest we’ve seen. It’s a series of promotional bonuses, up to four per week, adding up to that amount every month. That’s quite a promotion — pretty much all you need, really, on an on-going basis.

Yet there is a list’s worth of other promotions as well. The ‘opening bonus’ is split into three choices:

Slots only bonus (up to £400 at 200% match)

  1. Standard bonus (up to £200 at 100% match)
  2. VIP bonus (up to £1,000 at 40% match)

The 200% matching funds from the Slots-Only bonus is the biggest we have ever seen offered, folks. That’s a spectacular bonus on top of the £100 you’ll need to deposit.

Next, we have:

  • Slots Club
  • On the House
  • Premier League bonus weekend
  • Mobile money-back rebate
  • I DO like Mondays
  • Bonus Team

We’d like to draw your attention to two of these items at a bit closer range: mobile money-back rebate and the Bonus Team. Starting with the latter, it’s an incredibly progressive, simple and effective way to receive extra incentives: you form a relationship with the staff of customer-servers specialised in hooking you up with deals.

The other, mobile rebate on losses, is a nice 25% up to £500 on any given day! That’s a very polite, gracious and generous gesture from the House (whose odds are stacked against us!) and one we’ll gratefully take.

 Poverty of Riches in Games

Games-wise, we are disappointed that this is a Microgaming-only destination. There are a lot of those out there these days. Microgaming cornered the early market but is losing ground to over ten new game studios competing now.

Microgaming’s style is quite main-stream, with its blockbuster movie slots like Iron Man 3 (very innovative game play and video graphics) and live-dealer systems for Blackjack or Poker or Roulette. With a company of this stature, also, you can expect massive progressive jackpots shared across its network of licensee casinos. So, if it has to be one and only one, and if it’s Microgaming, then we can’t really complain.

Overall then, Bet365 is well worth joining, and you may even develop a fun sports-betting knack in the bargain!

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