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If there’s one thing that’s already an up and coming trend setter it’s Bitcoins. This strange new digital format is already garnering a ton of attention for its interesting and unique methods, but most of all it’s mainly down to people not necessarily understanding what it is and becoming instantly intrigued and fascinated with them.

Bitcoins have exploded in popularity in recent months and now it seems now that because of this popularity there are a variety of mobiles casinos that accept bitcoins as a legitimate form of payment, with some going even further and using bitcoins as casino chips.

What are Bitcoins?

Although they may seem complicated and coverage of their recent flux in value hasmuddied the overall explanation of what their actual worth is, bitcoins at their base are an alternative method of payment. See Payment Methods

Essentially you’re exchanging real cash amounts for online digital coins that you can then use to spend on whatever you like, be it games or retail items.

An interesting fact about Bitcoins is that they have their own exchange rate that regularly changes, so you may get several Bitcoins for just £1 or vice versa depending on the market.

Bitcoins are gaining popularity because of how difficult it is to steal them and it’s because of this security that a lot of casino websites have begun adopting them as their principal form of payment for games won or bonuses earned.

Bitcoin Pros

Bitcoins have a lot of positive attributes to them, such as it’s relatively easy to exchange real world amounts for bitcoins, with transactions taking mere minutes to complete.

Bitcoin is already readily accepted across a variety of game formats, from Facebook games like Farmville, Hidden Shadows and now casino games, a popularity that is increasing regularly.

You can even use Bitcoins to pay for items in specific stores that accept it, which is rather strange but it reduces the need to carry around large amounts of cash in a wallet or purse.

Bitcoin Cons

One of the downsides to this currency is that the value is in constantly in flux, consider it like the stock market, the amount one singular coin represents might not be the same the next day.

So for example you could put £10 in one day and have £10 worth of coins, but the next day those coins could only be worthy a measly £3 in total, it’s an incredibly unreliable system.

Another downside is the anonymity of Bitcoins, so should you be ripped off by someone through a Bitcoin transaction, it’s almost impossible to trace them.

Sites with the Best Bitcoin Casinos and Slots

Bitcoin casinos are so popular now that a lot of websites are springing up that use Bitcoin as their main currency exchange source; each one has their own unique games and bonuses available to their members.

But instead of you having to hunt throughout the internet for a half decent bitcoin enabled casino site, we’ve created a small selection of what we consider to be the best bitcoin casinos on the market just now.

Bitoomba has a brilliant 100% welcome bonus for all its members. All you have to do to claim this is deposit 0.1 BTC or more and you’ll get a 100% match on your coins put in. Or if that’s too much for you, you can deposit anything up to 0.1BTC or less and still receive a rather nice 50% bonus on that initial deposit.

You’ll also have access to a brilliant 25% bonus on top of every subsequent deposit you make after that first deposit amount.

Although not featuring any bonuses, have a brilliant design style that has an almost 50’s noir feel to it.

With a hilarious backstory available to read, players sit and play with a set of hypothetical dice as your winnings are calculated and then returned to you after the websites A.I has run a subroutine.

It’s a tad complicated and lacks features but it’s an interesting distraction from the usual bombardment of slot, table and casino games that other websites plough you with until you’re bored. It’s the indie game equivalent of the casino game genre.

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