Are Tablets the Ultimate Devices for Mobile Casino Action?

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With the explosion of selection in devices ideal for mobile casinos we are left wondering if one type really out-performs the others.

  • Laptops are still in the game, let’s remember — the smallest new ones called ‘netbooks’ compete with other ‘mobile’ gadgets.
  • There are also run-of-mill 2G and 3G phones in great numbers.
  • Then, we have the smart phones, which break down by markets for iPhone (Apple), Android (Google) and the smaller fish like Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
  • Finally, tablet computers follow their leader, the iPad.

Of course, the person who goes out to buy a device solely to play online casinos (when they are away from home) may be rarer than other buyers. Most people usually will weigh practical uses for a gadget alongside their main hobby, mobile casino gaming or what have you.

But let’s pose a hypothetical question: If I were interested in buying a device only to enjoy online casino games, then what would I want? (This is not about utility, but about the ultimate casino thrill possible on a hand-held unit.)

One way to answer is to think about screen size and screen features. A larger screen is best, sure, but only if it is not so big you can’t tote the device around as you go from place to place. Also, do you touch the screen directly, or point a mouse? Obviously, a touch screen brings out the best in a Mobile Casino application and makes playing a ‘hand’ of cards most life-like.

This may seem like just an academic question. But consider the fact that new luxury casinos in the United States (in places that permit limited gambling like Oregon and New Mexico) are making great use of loaned-out tablet computers to offer guests ‘personalized  gambling’ and mobile casino gaming. So, our question is getting asked in commercial situations already.

An iPad, for instance, is available to the guests at such hotels to use playing the hotel’s own virtual casino. Players can go perch in special WiFi lounges for gamblers or just hang out playing in their rooms. This private space defies the idea of a physical casino even where one could easily exist (a hotel) and is made possible by Mobile casino games in this case — but the content of our fun in unlimited.

So what other features enhance this ‘personalized’ and private casino experience? Ironically, it seems that the adage ‘less is more’ proves very true. Of the devises with a big enough touch-screen to make a mobile casino app pop, those with the least distraction in the form of keyboard, buttons and switches will make the device disappear under your hands. That rules out laptops and most smart phones.

The winner for the ultimate mobile casino machine is the tablet computer!

The truth is that although a tablet like the iPad may end up being the overall winner in terms of playing Web-based casinos, most of us will choose certain compromises in favour of portability or more practical (computer-oriented) uses, steering away from buying a tablet.

But that just makes the iPad and other tablets the perfect gifts for someone whose love is online casino, but just has not decided to go ‘all in’ yet by getting a mobile casino ready device.