bwin, Switch & Ladbrokes Poker: 3 Killer Android Real-Cash Poker

‘Killer’ will depend upon your taste, of course, so our three picks should satisfy a broad enough spectrum of expectations for great mobile Poker on Android.

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In no specific hierarchy then, let’s take a look at each.

bwin: A Slick and Sexy Poker Room

This bwin app is both clear and stylish, clad in matte black and dark grey tones, with tiny flourishes of bright yellow, bwin’s brand colour. The lighting of this poker hall, if you like, is dark and modern, seeming to be made of shiny surfaces, without much adornment. Play bwin poker now!!!

The players’ ‘seats’ each have a clean window for your opponent’s screen-picture. The place for you simply shows your own hand. One small nice thing about bwin that we noticed, which is actually a pretty important detail, is the clarity of the numbers and suits on the cards.

It seems that each Poker game these days shows the cards in a different way. Bwin’s cards place large numbers on the top left and the suit (big enough to read!) on the bottom right. Another little thing: there’s no slider to go All In (just a button).

Overall, if you want online multi-player Poker that attracts people who like a slightly racy or urban feel, then try bwin right away.

Switch to Switch Poker?

In contrast to UK-based bwin, Switch is its own stand-alone Poker app out of Costa Rica for either Apple or Android devices (that is, it’s not couched within a big online casino). And distinct again is the visual design of Switch. Whereas bwin gives you a thick black leather table-rim to rest upon (with your eyes) Switch is a ultra-minimal room stripped of realism aside from its standard
green table. Players are represented just by what look like shiny black buttons and the backs of their two cards.

Maybe we’re nit-pik’ing, but, the way cards’ numbers are shown could be the difference between comfort over long rounds or eye-strain. Switch shows the numbers colour-coded to the suits:

  • Red = hearts
  • Green = clubs
  • Black = spades
  • Blue = diamond

So, if you are accustomed to reading your cards according to the shapes rather than colours, then take heed. Start playing Switch poker now!! Click here!!

Ladbrokes’ Traditionalist Appeal

If you couldn’t care less for all this slick black shiny stuff, then register at Ladbrokes for a classic Poker interface.

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The other players are represented by what looks like a pawn piece in Chess, labelled by their names. The floor looks like blonde hardwood. The table is green felt and very well-lit. The cards themselves (continuing with our fixation upon the very core of this game!) are large and bright and the easiest to read quickly.

Interestingly, as with bwin, Ladbrokes launched their mobile Poker game in its own right, not as a small part of a casino portfolio overrun by slots like many other sites. That means you will find more features and a more complex play experience here.

And finally, we’ll close by mentioning the bonuses, the real deal, at each of these stellar Poker venues — which is to say, here’s how much you’ll get for signing up!

  • bwin: 10 tickets, up to £500 first-deposit bonus
  • Switch: choice of up to £600 cash match, or Apple gadgets!
  • Ladbrokes: 200% cash match

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