Android 4 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Delivers Sugar Buzz

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It has been said by Google’s Android team that Ice Cream Sandwich is the most profound revamp it has made to Android thus far. The list of new features and refinements is pretty jaw-dropping already as you reach the midpoint.

But what could the hype mean for those of us who love to play new mobile casinos? Well it means that games, from casino to first-person shooter to driving, are wicked on Android now.

Before we speculate about Android’s game-worthiness, let’s go over some hard facts about its latest incarnation. (Don’t worry; we’ll explain some of this afterward.) The updates are both visible and hidden underneath the bonnet, so to speak. The following are the significant ones.

  • USB support for game controllers (Xbox, PS3 and so on)
  • HDMI: plug your smartphone into the tele and play
  • Sony and others are bringing their console catelogs to Android
  • Android v4 is ready for Google TV (read: your favorite mobile bingo and casino on TV!)
  • Designed for use without external phone buttons (all screen)
  • Beam feature for quick sharing by tapping devices together

At a basic level, what you have foreshadowed by this list of new features is a new kind of convergence between devices. In the coming years, you will get used to having desktop computers, laptops, tablet-PCs, smartphones and game-console components all working in concert.

Google and Microsoft (which is releasing its Windows 8 and new tablet in late 2012) are both offering cloud ‘drives’ and cross-device features. The latest Android itself is a convergence of gaming consoles like the Playstation with the home system and other mobile devices in the household.

The Convergence of Home and Mobile Devices

That cutting-edge cooperation between your home-based electronics and your mobile phone or tablet or laptop is the wave of the near future. We’re really going into a situation we’ve seen before in sci-fi movies, where houses know when residents come home, and small gadgets are constantly updating people with useful information. Sound familiar? You’re in the Future. And so are your favorite
casino games like mobile Blackjack and video Slots.

New capabilities, through Ice Cream Sandwich, for smart automation that includes voice search (of the entire device as well as the Web), dictation, Beam transfers and face recognition all have promising potential for game makers.

In addition to more TV integtation, we think that another big wave about to roll in is groups. Not only ‘social poker’ but group-social poker, in which many people are in the same room playing globally-networked poker hands with each other as well as the world.

Android 4 is just smoother and faster all-around, which makes it that much more game-friendly as the non-Apple de facto mobile console system.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich in Action?

Having the latest and greatest is all fine and dandy, however, it often takes some time for various parts of a marketplace to catch up. For example, how soon will we have a wide choice of apps not only compatible with but also exploiting the gifts of the latest Android system? Well. Good news. Most of the online casino and betting biggies (see a short list below) are supporting Android 4 already.

  • Ladylucks
  • mFortune
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Betfred
  • 32Red

Catch you in the poker hall, mates!

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