Alien Fruits

mFortune, unlike the majority of online casinos today that simply license their games, makes their own titles. Alien Fruits, a 3-reel mobile-friendly slot, is one such homegrown game with a quirky appeal.

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More Than Simple

Beguilingly simple, Alien Fruits actually has a few touches that add a dash of complexity. One is its alien spacecraft sub-symbols (it’s the only smaller symbol that appears on reels), which yield bonuses if lined up.

Another nice touch is the Hold feature, which allows you to lock up to two reels when they hold winning symbols and then spin the remaining reel(s) in hopes of completing the winning row.

Additionally, there is a matching game called Tricky Alien, a bonus round, involving three aliens holding symbols. These details add a lot of texture and variety to an otherwise very compact mobile slot. It’s amazing just how much action mFortune has packed into this small game.

The mFortune Advantage

Other benefits that come along with Alien Fruits come courtesy of mFortune itself. Those things include a nice £5 start-up gift (and you get to keep all the possible winnings off that cash). Once you’re a player, you can deposit small amounts via your phone bill. The minimum to play is only 10p, and, there’s a free non-cash mode, too.

Side-benefits of playing with mFortune include minor-but-important details like exceptionally clear feature board and ‘prize trail’ map, which is quite satisfying during one’s winning streaks!

Compatibility Problems Eliminated

mFortune has really focused upon serving the entire gamut of mobile-equipped players, who don’t all necessarily use smartphones, or even touch-screen phones. It’s an equal-opportunity game-provider, you might say. If you do have a smartphone, well, then you’re just enjoying the colour, character and snappiness of these mobile-optimized games all the more.

Playing the Game

Finally, there are basically three areas of the game screen that you’ll want to pay attention to whenever you play Alien Fruits.

  1. The main reels are smack in the middle of the game screen. They’re quite a snap to read, which is good in a mobile-ready slot.
  2. To the top right, there is a small grid, which corresponds to the smaller alien-spaceship symbols that can appear on the main reels. This small grid with three colours of ships actually forms its own sub-reels. You’ll get it right away when you play!
  3. Then, of course, the bet and spin controls are located at the bottom edge of the screen. Nice big buttons and information (with the payout table always available upon request) make Alien Fruits a pleasure to play as you move about on the go.

By the way, this slot is essentially a classic ‘fruit machine’ design, in the pared-down 3-reel setup, with the charming oddness of alien faces and strange colour combinations — so, it’s the juxtaposition of classic and otherworldly, and it’s been part of Alien Fruits’ success.

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