Acer-Optimised Casinos

If you are an Acer owner or a would-be Acer owner who likes online casinos, then you are probably wondering about how well gaming works on these very smart tablets. Are there Acer-optimized casinos?

Yes — any Android-optimized casino will do, but we’ll share our favourites.

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Acer Pulls Ahead

The newest Iconia Tab model stands tall next to its nearest contenders, namely the Google Nexus 7 or the Amazon Kindle Fire. In fact, the Acer is raising the bar — its only relative liabilities may turn out to be screen resolution and pricing.

You see, Google and Amazon offer their products closer to cost, in a strategy to gain users of their many soft services online, which includes the purchasing of content. Fortunately, the same free online casino apps are available for all three of these top-notch Android-powered tablets, which can be thought of as competition for the Apple iPad.

Hard and Soft Benefits

The Acer Iconia excels with both its software and hardware. Before we clue you into a few very good mobile casinos to let loose on an Iconia, we’ll go over its graces and how those translate into better gaming.

First of all, Acer is making a big splash with gutsy software and great market timing. Here’s why:

  1. Very few tablet makers have adopted the newest Android release, dubbed Jelly Bean.
  2. Meanwhile, Windows 8 has yet to be fully debuted on a tablet-sized screen.
  • Acer has rolled out with Jelly Bean Android (other brands face the laborious task of updating all their customers’ tablets if they choose to offer the newest operating system at some point).
  • Acer’s newest Windows tablet was spotted on Amazon, which is the first time this newest desktop/mobile system has come out on a smaller-screen device.

Acer uses the same strong CPU or chip as the Nexus, a spec which is one of Google’s selling points, too. Hardware-wise, the Iconia features micro-USB, SD-micro and, wow, a micro HDMI port, which means it is fully connected to other devices and it can project its screen content to an external monitor. Those are features its competitors do not include (which also accounts for the higher expected price of the Acer tablets).

First Casinos to Join

Now, more practically, since we can assume the Acer tablet line is highly desirable (and you may already have one in your hands to read this) let’s mention a few top casinos that work perfectly on the Iconia or other Acer models hitting the market now.

Wild Jack, and mFortune all offer their casino games in-the-browser rather than as apps you must download to the tablet. For the time being, you may have to look to big destinations like these who are steering away from apps.

There are many many advantages to this newer way to deliver online and mobile Poker, slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and side-games, all within the Web browser of your Acer tablet. Simple.

Lastly, if you are really not the type who wants to wager cash to play those mobile games, there are many so-called freemium or play-for-fun apps in which you can dabble. Any app that states it will work with Android should work on the Acer Iconia, no problem.

HINT: If you find trustworthy games not listed in the Google Play store then you’ll have to enable non-Market apps in the Android settings of your tablet

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