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The word is that 888, one of the biggest names in online Poker and casino games, is set to release a bevy of mobile versions of its unique games. With the entire online-gambling marketplace heating up, as technologies and consumer demand peak, we have all been waiting for the Next Big Launch. And the 888 Mobile Casino is it, folks!

Mobile Promotions

You get the standard 100% first-deposit bonus at 888. But before making a deposit to play you can use the site’s free £5 on a no-deposit basis as if it were your own cash. Now, both of those are pretty common for online bingo.

We’ve also heard that there will be £1200 in sure-fire mobile casino bonuses offered to each new player. These solid bonuses, anyway, will get you off to a good start. The site has a RTP of a little over 97%, which means you’re probably not going to lose your life savings. Huge jackpots mean you may actually double or triple the amount in your savings account!

Mobile Games

The 888 Casino Mobile selections are based upon their main online games. These are big-name titles in a private label format for 888. The main characteristic of these games is their ultra-realism.

The Blackjack table is super-life-like, right down to that familiar (and all-important) sound of the cards, which are smoothly animated.

The roulette wheel and felt betting area are in deep full-perspective and have a believable 3D look. Other big games offered are:

  • Bejewelled: an entrancingly shiny slot machine
  • Monopoly
  • Leprechaun’s Luck
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • X-Factor
  • Deal or No Deal

The standard slots are distinctive for, again, the ultra-realism of seeing a physical casino at the two sides of a true-looking slot-machine. There are fully life-like buttons and brass plating, as well as realistic bone-white reels spinning across a red line. This kind of depth-illusion may be available only on the 888 Android Casino for tablets and the 888 iPad Casino because of their extra screen space. Deposit money for your fun at 888 with Neteller!! Find out more about depositing with Neteller.

The Main Online Property

We want to spend a moment describing the home-pages of 888 because their mobile suite is rumoured to follow the same look-and-feel, which is very slick.

When you visit 888.com, the first thing that will probably catch your eye is the face of a rather irresistible young lady smiling back at you — until you notice that this is only in the background. There is a smaller window overlaid upon the page. It says, ‘Click to download and start experiencing the exclusive thrills that only our casino offers!’

Now, judging from various cues, you can see that 888 is a serious online casino with many excellent casino games. This is no cookie-cutter site or blog that hosts the same-o’ games. The games and site are exclusive and slickly designed.

Each section of the site has its own freshly-coloured links, and when you hit each page its colour-theme matches. Here are six places you can go:

  • Casino (lime green)
  • Mobile Poker (bright blue)
  • Sport (orange)
  • Bingo (red)
  • Games (purple)
  • VIP (gold)

This well-thought-out design makes it a snap to get around the site! We expect the same colour-coded approach will prevail in the mobile versions, which are believed to follow the same easy no-lobby design for quick access to things.

Without a doubt, 888 is about to join the top five online and new mobile casinos in the world. That attractive female we mentioned is not just idle gawking on our part: it turns out that 888 is a source for live-online poker action with plucky female dealers.

We’d like to see that for mobiles! Maybe next year.

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