3 Reasons to Play Slotland, If Mobile Slot-Machines Are Your Thing

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The slot machines that are featured at Slotland.com are each very artsy, at least in their high quality of design (taste is a different matter, which is why so many are offered). Because they are all so varied — unlike the selection at other major online casinos that have cookie-cutter games with themed skins — we thought we could throw in a hand to help you decide where to start.

So we’re going to take a peek at three of the most interesting and diverse slot machines currently offered at Slotland, in no particular order.

First off, we like the fact that Slotland mobile casino gives a very nice ‘Tips’ page for each of its games. You get a preview image, large, the way things will look during play. Below, there are useful panels of information such as a payout chart, and the vital game details.

Heavy Metal

The first slot that caught out eye was Slotland Heavy Metal. It’s got a chunky industrial look, with just three reels, but boy are they substantial. The entire game has the appearance of a machine in the literal sense, with gears and all off to the sides.

Heavy Metal has a neat and simple four paylines. To win the maximum payouts you should place the max bets on each payline. But this is no mere gear-head game — according to Slotland it is the ‘first slot machine ever that allows you to place bets on your game history’.

A bonus HOLD symbol appears, which makes it possible to freeze a reel or more and see past spins. Knowing those things makes it more exciting to decide how to bet. Take a look here at some more great mobile slots.

Pearls of Atlantis 

If you don’t want another bright, gaudy, fruity looking slot, but something that’s a bit more beautiful by being calmer, then Pearls of Atlantis is right up your reef. Its muted, underwater-feeling game mantle is a soothing sight for screen-sore eyes. The graphics are enchanting.

There’s a big squid on top of an Asian-looking buiding, with mermaidens and mermen standing by. The whole scene is done in low-contrast soft purples, with a few super-sharp objects like silver chest and giant compass. The spin button is an enormous pearl, of course.

There are five reels and nine paylines. A ‘wheel of fortune’ bonus game is also in store as you learn to play and win.

TIP: Look out for the Treasure Chest symbols and sections of the Wheel of Fortune.

Lucky Ducts

For our more lighthearted, light-filled option we chose this water-themed model. But equally as enticing was its nineteen paylines. There’s also a clever bonus ‘resoirvoir’ off to the left that fills as you hit FAUCET symbols.

We really like the refreshing symbols themselves featured in this game. Again, as with all Slotland games, graphics are extraordinary. But thankfully, it’s not just a pretty face. Lucky Ducts pays up to fifty times your bet and also spouts free spins like crazy.

These three will get you started as you check out Slotland’s awesome collection, where new titles are added consistently. We love social casinos, here is a review of the newest available on your mobile.